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Day 1

Arrive in Urumqi

Fly to Urumqi to meet your Porsche, check in at the hotel and enjoy a welcome dinner before preparing for an unforgettable journey.

Day 2

Urumqi - Karamay

The Porsche 911 will be driven to the Tianshan Tianchi, the "Wonderland on Earth". The beauty of the pools is always interpreted in its own way, whether it is covered in clouds or glistening with water. Look at the snowy peaks from afar, look at the forest plain up close, take in the thousands of landscapes around Tianchi, and enjoy the wonders of nature. Speed towards the city of Karamay and spend a relaxing night in the famous Gobi oil city.

Day 3

Keramay - Burqin

On the way to Burqin, visit the Devil City, where there are no ghosts and monsters, but where you can see nature's magic work everywhere. Orange, blood red and blue stones are scattered across the carved gullies and bare rocks, while the roaring wind and roaring engines play the song of the earth's bewilderment. We bid farewell to the beautiful scenery as the Porsche convoy headed towards Burqin.

Day 4

Burqin - Hormu

The original houses built of logs with the fresh smell of grass and trees leap out of the fantasy works. Driving the Porsche deeper into this secret land, stand on the hill next to the village and look out over the ghosts of the hollow valley, the small bridges and water, and catch the dusty figures of horse herders passing through the forest. Visit the homes of the local inhabitants, the Tuvans, and learn about the long history of the minority by interacting with the indigenous people and enjoying a Tuvan family dinner. The highlight of the tour is the Suur, a musical instrument played by the indigenous Tuva people, which will be a memorable experience to dance to.

Day 5

Hormu - Kanas - Altay

The next stop on the tour is Kanas, the "beautiful, rich and mysterious" place. Situated in the deep forest of Altay, this alpine lake is the only Arctic Ocean water system in China. The change of seasons and weather casts a mysterious veil over the colors of the lake, bringing surprises every time you visit. Stay in Xinjiang and immerse yourself in the enchanting night colors of the West.

Day 6

Altay Departure

After a memorable farewell to Xinjiang, we will look forward to a future reunion as we drive our Porsche back.


Driving distance is 1332 km.

Porsche Travel Experience keeps right to finalize the itineraries.


More Information

20 Participants Per Wave

Dates Price (Incl. tax, excl. flight ticket)

Wave 1: 21 Jun - 26 Jun, 2023

RMB 42,880 per person
Wave 2: 27 Jun - 02 Jul, 2023 RMB 42,880 per person



  • Registration deadline: 18 Apr 2023.
  • Minimum attendance requirement for this trip is 20 people, all participant fees will be refunded if the tour is cancelled when attendance is less than 20.
  • Insects and mosquitoes are common in Xinjiang in summer, so you should be prepared for them.
  • If you need to arrive in Urumqi earlier or extend your stay in Altay, please contact us via 400 hotline or email with your detailed request.


Price included:

  • Porsche 911 for test drive, two guests share one car, incl. gas, toll.
  • 5 nights’ hotel accommodation (including breakfast): 4-star and above hotels according to local conditions.
  • Local special cuisine.
  • Professional Porsche driving instruction and on-site support by accompanying staff.
  • Travel personal accident insurance and vehicle insurance.


Hotline: 400 8205 911 (9:30-18:30 Mon-Fri)

Email: travel@porsche.cn