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Porsche Travel Experience

Experience the ultimate Porsche on the world's most beautiful roads

The Porsche Travel Experience is for those who love to travel and love to drive. We're back to bring you a cultural, historical outdoor adventures.

Whether it's exploring the off-the-beaten-path beauty of the Chinese landscape or experiencing Porsche's automotive culture from Germany, you'll enjoy five-star service every kilometer of the way, with Porsche's professional experience program guides and experienced guides by your side at all times.



Tour of Xinjiang


With Porsche, we will go deep into the hinterland of Xinjiang, where the mysteries of the West will be revealed one by one during the journey. Passing through the Gobi, the hills, the mountains and the lakes, we will enjoy the special culture, the exotic scenery and the fun of galloping in the northwest land.



Tour of Xizang


The sound of chanting mixed with the scent of Xizang incense paints a unique picture. In Xizang, where the sun is shining, we will use our lenses to capture the scenery and memories of our trip, and experience the charm of light and shadow with our Porsche.


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Tour of Shangri-la


Snow-capped mountains, canyons, countryside, culture ...... Yunnan is diverse and unique. The experience of nature's grandeur, and then trying to conquer it, is a rewarding combination of endurance, courage and excitement worthy of the phrase "not a bad trip".


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