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Ice Force

Ice Experience


Porsche Ice Experience: An incredible winter driving experience.

An ice lake in Yakeshi, Inner Mongolia will be transformed into the ultimate playground for Porsche enthusiasts. On the specially designed snow and ice tracks, participants will be put through their paces with a diverse Porsche lineup while experiencing the fundamentals, thrills and fun of driving on snow and ice, with the guidance of professional Porsche instructors every step of the way.

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Snow Force

It’s not just the landscape that’s extreme. But the driving pleasure too.

It's no wonder that the thought of unforgettable days with sporty driving on snow and ice can cause butterflies in the stomach. Every second of your stay.

The programme includes learning the basics as well as the intensive driving experience on snow and sheer ice. All with diverse Porsche models - which respond differently to the challenges. An aspect that will provide a lot of variety. The time behind the wheel is also entertaining. With plenty of new techniques and a whole host of fun, the basics are taught whilst laying the foundations for further programmes. You just have to experience it.

And at the end of the event? You will be ready for Ice Force.

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Ice Force

With Ice Force, ambitious participants will thoroughly enjoy increasing their driving skills.

With all-wheel drive and spiked tyres, they experience the possibilities of transverse acceleration on snow and ice. You learn to control the vehicle using just the accelerator and brake. And how to use load change responses for safe cornering. Thanks to the instructors' detailed explanations about driving physics and driver responses, no theoretical questions are left unanswered.

The programme is the ideal opportunity to finely hone your driving skills under professional guidance. The facility’s extremely spacious handling courses stretch for miles and offer plenty of scope for long drifts as well as the height of driving pleasure.

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